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Medical Aestthetics Academy provides the best aesthetic training for nurses and doctors

The following are some of the reasons why you will benefit from receiving your training with Medical Aesthetics Academy:

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in the aesthetic medicine industry, with thousands of treatments carried out and a discerning international clientele. Please visit our Medical Aesthetics services website.
  • We understand what it takes to succeed in the profession, so you will enjoy a first class training programme, designed to help you stand out from your competitors. The Foundation courses include a section with ten essential tips to help you start your medical aesthetic career.
  • Our courses are accredited with their corresponding CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours.
  • All protocols and techniques are designed to provide safe and predictable results for your patients. Our selection of advanced techniques have been acquired directly from the pioneers and international leaders of Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Each CPD accredited presential course consists of lectures and practical sessions, so you can acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and most important, hands-on experience with live patients.
  • We limit the number of delegates in our training sessions to no more than five, ensuring the best quality of learning.
  • With the knowledge acquired in our Foundation course, you can start practising immediately.
  • We use only the best products and we advise impartially about the great existing offer, with pros and cons for each option.
  • In the advanced courses you can learn exclusive techniques created by the experts of MA Academy.
  • The presential courses include all the necessary literature to start offering the treatments learned, plus a USB stick with the essential documents for your practice.
  • We offer a dedicated support and mentoring service, Mentoring, exclusively for our delegates.
  • Our prices are the most competitive of the market, without compromising on training quality.
  • Our training headquarters are in the heart of Barcelona, a vibrant city famous for its world-class congresses and leisure.




Experience in the dermal fillers course is highly recommended! The Dr is willing to answer all questions, he provides us with super important and necessary information material.
The practical part is carried out 100% by the students.
I recommend it!

Dr Juan Carlos Galindo Mejía


This is my second one-to-one tailored course with Medical Aesthetics Academy (MAA). The experience has been as good as the initial course. What I value most is the direct and fast reply I got from MAA. Also the theoretical content of the course and the invaluable hands on component. To be in a position of applying the concepts learnt in the morning to patients in vivo in the afternoon it’s what made me choose MAA both times. The handbook provided is really useful as a reminder in my daily practice. Equally the ample experience MAA has in the field of TB and HA. The Teknon Medical Center is easily accessible and very well located within Barcelona . The place is the right location to deliver the MAA course and is comfortable for the patients. I am really happy with the information and value gained as well as the experience from both BT and HA courses. I highly recommend to try any of the levels available from MAA courses. I do not think there is anything requiring to improve what MAA is offering now. It is excellent as it is! Try MAA courses and apply the knowledge gained straight away!

Dr José Armas

La Rioja (Spain)

My experience with Medical Aesthetics Academy was very rewarding, Marc is very professional, the clinic provides everything necessary to learn what is needed, a trusting atmosphere and optimal learning is generated.

Dr Daniela Alanis Leiva Onate


I chose Medical Aesthetics Academy following some online research, and what helped me decide is the fact that the training is personal thanks to the low number of trainees, hands on practice and CPD accreditation. The premises are modern and comfortable. The theory is well constructed with plenty of personal practical training on real models who are very agreeable. Materials were readily available and of high quality. Overall, a great learning experience. The delicious refreshments were a plus.

Dr Ansel Qirresh


First of all, I would like to thank Medical Aesthetics Academy and Dr Marc Armangue for the preparation and quality of the Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid courses that I have attended on November 3, 2020 in Barcelona.

In addition to the high knowledge of the subject, the excellent level of the presentations, what really is the high point of both courses is the possibility of being able to apply this knowledge in live patients, under supervision, on the same day.

From my point of view, this is invaluable and is one of the main reasons why I chose MAA.

From the moment I was clear that I wanted to take my first steps in non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine, my main objectives were:

-Training with possibilities of practice

-Recognised European accreditation, GMC, British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Sørensen Clinic of London, CPD Membership, etc.

Those were the main incentives in my search for courses.

What finally tipped the balance in MAA’s favor was the efficiency, speed and transparency with which they processed my request for information about the courses.

The fact that both the BT and HA courses were on the same day also helped me choose MAA.

From that moment on the communication was fluid, something for which I am really grateful.

The academy had to change premises at the last minute due to pandemic related events at the Teknon Medical Center, but I was kept informed at all times . The alternative premises used in Paseo de Gracia were perfectly adapted for this type of training. Central, spacious, and adequately equipped.

Marc expresses himself in a very professional manner but also in a clear and concise way. He offers his experience and point of view in a way that makes you pay attention during the presentations and eager to jump into practice as soon as possible.

The attached material is extensive enough to be able to follow and refresh your memory once the courses are completed, but at the same time appropriate to the topics that concern them.

Really, the practical section of both the BT and HA courses is the highlight of the day. From my point of view and experience, being able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during the day is priceless.

It helps you feeling confident about practising non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

In addition, due to the restrictions of the pandemic, I was fortunate that I was the only delegate attending the courses. I was able to practice on 4 patients, something of incalculable training value.

In my opinion and experience, the MAA courses are really good, carried out by very competent professionals and experts and with a practical component of great teaching value. They are real value for money and highly recommended.

If you want to start in non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine , MAA is what you are looking for!

Dr José M Armas


I found the Medical Aesthetics Academy courses online and it had good reviews, specially from a doctor that works in Spain and England, so I emailed the institution immediately. The theoretical part was perfect and for me covered everything. The practical part couldn’t be better and I learned a lot from it, specially with the live models, which were really helpful. My general opinion is that is an excellent course, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start in the medical aesthetics field. I will take the advanced course as soon as I can. Thank you!
Dr Ahmed Zubaidi
Plastic Surgeon

Thank you for such a useful foundation course in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The theoretical part was very coherent, and the teacher really helped me understand everything. The practical part gave me a lot of self confidence to start working with the academy’s methods. I enjoyed very much meeting such a nice and humble doctor, with extensive knowledge in this field.
Dr Erika Berman Mandanach


It is an excellent aesthetic course that made me feel really confident. Being able to practice on live patients is an essential part. The reasons that made me choose Medical Aesthetics Academy: its affordability and the fact that it takes place in Barcelona, a picturesque city with easy access from Greece; also, knowing that the academy follows GMC guidelines and that the courses are recognised by most aesthetic insurers. Βy looking back on the course day, I may state that the theoretical content and the presentation were excellent. Concerning the practical part of the course, I have to say that it was a unique experience for me. The staff made both the model patients and the participants feel very comfortable, even though it was the first time we were meeting each other. The trainer had the patience to wait for us trying to practice for the first time and the kindness to highlight our mistakes in the most noble way. I must say that being able to practice made me feel full of self-confidence. Refreshments, lunch and the general service were great. The materials included are very helpful and I am planning to use them. In general, I do not think that the course needs any improvement. I will definitely recommend the academy to my colleagues, and hopefully I will attend the advanced course at a later time.
Dr Georgios Karkanis

ENT Specialist


A pleasure to have participated in this course, 100% applicable to clinical work from the first day. Both the theoretical and the practical parts are taken care of in the smallest detail, I will for sure repeat. Thank you so much for everything!
Dr Alegria Wahnon

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