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How to start in Medical Aesthetics


PRICE: €500 

The comprehensive blueprint to start your own business in Medical Aesthetics

You will learn a proven method based on more than 25 years experience in the profession, to help you start your own business with minimal budget!

This is the blueprint to help you start, grow and establish your own business in Medical Aesthetics. A comprehensive step by step guide based on experience that is 100% applicable to practice, not theory.

The global Medical Aesthetics industry stands at $9.4 billion, and, with a cumulative growth rate of 10%, it is expected to reach $15.9 billion by 2025, so there are plenty of opportunities for you.

This course covers every aspect of your new business in absolute detail, providing invaluable insights that will help you make the right decision every time, and will also help you avoid the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when starting a new venture.

You will not find such an amount of powerful and useful information anywhere else, since it is the wealth of knowledge collected over more than 25 years of experience within the profession.

Designed for you if you are either a complete novice, or you already have a Medical Aesthetics business but want to get better results. The course contains 8 video lessons which range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes in length. You will learn every single step required for having a successful business in the industry. Starting with preparation and setting expectations, so that you know what to expect when you begin your journey.

Course Sections

  1. Before You Start

  2. Your Business Model

  3. Your Business Identity

  4. Building Your Business

  5. Your Business Structure

  6. Day to day

  7. Growing Your Business

  8. 10 Tips to Start in Medical Aesthetics

The course provides you with all the documents needed for the successful running of your new business.

This is a professional guide based on the real world for the real world. You will not find needless theory, but a comprehensive Know-how.

Usually, a franchisee would pay thousands in fees to obtain a similar guide. Instead, you will benefit from the democratisation of knowledge that is the very essence of Medical Aesthetics Academy, and obtain the tools to build your new successful business, for a competitive price.

Join us and achieve your dreams of enjoying an extremely rewarding career as a business owner in Medical Aesthetics!


Any health professional without experience interested in starting his/her own business in Medical Aesthetics. However, it can also be useful if you already have your own business but you find it hard to find success


  • 1

    Studying online allows you more flexibility. You can easily combine the study with your work schedule and the rest of your daily activities.

  • 2

    You choose the learning environment that best suits your needs: the comfort of your own home, a library, the park, while on public transport….you only need internet access and a computer, or a smartphone.

  • 3

    There is no need to commute, saving time and money.

  • 4
    Studying online requires self-motivation and time management skills. Our course provides training in Aesthetic Medicine, but it will also help you improve these aspects, which are qualities that will make you stand out in the profession.
  • 5

    This online course provides you with invaluable tips and insights to help you succeed in this competitive industry, avoiding pitfalls and saving time and money


Who can enrol: any health professional interested in starting his/her own business in Medical Aesthetics
Availability: At all times
What will I learn: A step by step guide on how to establish and grow your own business in Medical Aesthetics
Certificate: Diploma of completion issued by Medical Aesthetics Academy
Location: Online global access
Price: €500


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